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The new ALLDOCK Wireless FAMILY is designed to offer you the most universal charging station that integrates the latest technologies. The ALLDOCK Wireless FAMILY has two integrated Wireless Fast Chargers. You have the flexibility to combine conventional docking and wireless to simplify the process of charging.

This charging station is built with 3x USB-C fast charging (PD/QC) ports  that deliver 20W per port. The safety measurements have been further developed, ensuring that all devices are safe from overheating, static discharge, reverse polarity and fault detection per port.

ALLDOCK's quality in materials and workmanship is not compromised. This charger is hand built in high quality pure Timbers or Soft Coated ABS compound Plastics.  

Whether you are searching for a unique or a functional charging station which offers the latest technology, the ALLDOCK Wireless FAMILY is for you! 


  • Outer Case Large: 320 x 176 x 70mm
  • Number of Docking Rails - 3
  • Apple AirPod Pro Docking notch
  • Docking Rail Width: Front 1 - 14mm, Middle Rail - 18mm Back Rail 21mm (Built for cases)
  • 2x Wireless Charging Deck (Dual Coil) - Device Capacity 2
  • 6-Port PD USB Charger
  • Port 1 - USB-C QC 3.0 & PD 3.0 20W (Wireless Pad Allocated)
  • Port 2 - USB-C QC 3.0 & PD 3.0 20W (Wireless Pad Allocated)
  • Port 3 - USB-C QC 3.0 & PD 3.0 20W (Naked)
  • Port 4 - USB-A Max.5.2V / 2.4A (Naked)
  • Port 5 - USB-A Max.5.2V / 2.4A (Naked)
  • Port 6 - USB-A Max.5.2V / 2.4A (Naked)
  • Total Output - 96W
  • Suitable Accessories: Up to Two Mounts (Apple Watch, FitBit, AirPod)
  • Suitable to 4x Click-In One Hand Docking Adapters
  • Certified to Australasian Safety Standards (RCM)

The ALLDOCK Wireless FAMILY comes with two Wireless Charger Pads which are integrated into the cargo bed. Please note that the Wireless Chargers already use two of the six USB ports.

Assembly instructions (PDF download)