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All your devices charged with one station.

With the ALLDOCK you can charge all your electronic devices at once. Add any common charging cable (Lightning, C-Type, Micro-USB). Smartphones, tablets, digital cameras, headphones, smartwatches and Bluetooth speakers, even the Apple Pen, the Apple Mouse, all USB keyboards and the remote control of your Apple TV are compatible with the ALLDOCK charging station.

ALLDOCK for every occasion



Match your ALLDOCK to your Decor

Luxe Charging in different ways

"They are so beautiful, designed to look like a high end piece of furniture" 

Finally, an item that stores all your gadgets......genius!!!!!

Jane R

At last something that charges quickly and hides all the unsightly cords. Perfect!

Tania O

This is just what every iFamily needs. It's more than a multi device charger. It's a home organiser, a device base, cable tidier and multi-device charger all in one. If I didn't already have one I'd rush out and buy one straight away.

Danny D

My new Alldock recently arrived and it is perfect. It has totally decluttered all the cables from the many devices and phones in our household. It also now means we can be 'device free' at night as they all go into the Alldock to recharge and are not scattered about the house still being 'checked in'.

Sally A

In a household where devices have simply got to be charged at all times, the AllDock has been a breath of fresh air. A couple of iPads, iPods and our iPhones all charging away and docked in a presentable manner so the place doesn’t look like a mess. Now, the AllDock team are back with a new generation with a bunch of great improvements... Read More

We love our mobile devices, smartwatches and activity trackers but when it comes to charging them it’s a mess of cables and a fight over the power point. That’s where the ALLDOCK multi-device dock and charge station comes in...Read More

It happens to everyone... We have more devices that need USB charging than we have space on a desk. And the cables. And the number of chargers with different space requirements. The ALLDOCK USB charging station is a beautiful way of getting around this problem...Read More