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What is Alldock-IQ™?

Posted by Adam Heelis on

Get ready for ALLDOCK's efficient charging technology. With Alldock-IQ™ you are on the cutting edge of charging technology.

ALLDOCK is not only lightning fast, but is also compatible with fast download standards from Qualcomm, Apple, Samsung and many more. You can load your phones, tablets, laptops, and other devices at super fast speed and also protect them very well.

In every ALLDOCK a charger is working with our universal high-speed charging technology. Alldock-IQ™ connects different technologies in a smart way


The ALLDOCK Charger is available with a 4-port and a 6-port USB-hub. Both Charger models have built-in over-voltage protection, overheat protection and an integrated power supply circuit.

Quick Charge™    

With Qualcomm® Quick Charge technology, you can charge your devices faster than traditional charging methods. It is one of the most commonly used fast-charging techniques.

Wireless Charging  

Qi is the international standard for wireless charging and is integrated within most smartphones. Qi chargers are rigorously tested to ensure safety, interoperability and energy efficiency.

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